We’ve made sure our residents can be a part of the upcoming election, remembering that everyone’s vote counts.

With elections right around corner, we’ve made sure that all of our residents in Southcare Homes can be a part of this climactic time. They will either have physical access to an actual polling station on the day, or we’ve made arrangements for them to vote online or by post for those less mobile.

Plus, we want our residents to be able to make informed decisions when it comes to voting. That’s why we went one step further than just putting the news on in the morning. We arranged for candidates to come and visit our homes. This way, they can talk to residents and discuss the topics that matter to them. 

The Lewes Lib Dem Visits Lime Tree Residents

The Liberal Democrat Representative for Lewes, Oli Henman, visited Lime Tree House, our residential home in Ringmer. Mr Henman was very receptive to the residents’ views. He listened attentively, even making notes. All that wanted to, were able to take part in a lively discussion that focused on issues that specifically affect our residents.

Talks covered the NHS, state pensions, social care and the cost of coming into care. The candidate had a run for his money when some of our rather cheeky residents began heckling from the back. Some were even booing when Brexit was mentioned!

In his parting comments, Henman said it was ‘lovely to hear from the residents, [they were] very engaged and [had] incisive comments. I look forward to working to ensure better funding for health and social care as your Liberal Democrat representative’.  On commenting on the home, both Mr Henman and his driver were very impressed with Lime Tree. The driver, Theo, said he had a relative in a care home locally and ours was by far better, more friendly and had a lovely atmosphere.

It was “lovely to hear from the residents, [they were] very engaged and [had] incisive comments.”

Oli Henman, Lewes Lib Dem Rep

Labour Candidate Visits Heatherdene

Heatherdene Nursing Home in Bexhill, had a visit from Christine Bayliss, the Labour candidate for Battle and Bexhill. Christine has been active in local politics for a long time. She is now serving as a Rother District Councillor for the ward of Bexhill Central and Cabinet Member for Bexhill Affairs and Regeneration.

She is very well informed about the problems in health and social care at the moment and was very interested in staff and residents’ first-hand experiences. The candidate spoke to residents and their relatives about local issues affecting them – pot holes being just one of many!

Our residents could actively engage with current issues and feel a part of the current political climate. Our residents will be making sure their voices are heard at election time.

This was a fantastic opportunity to remind our residents how important they are to us, to their local community and to the government. Everyone has the right to vote, even those with dementia. No matter your age, you still have so much to give to your community.