about us

Dedicated people working with a smile.

Our success is owed to staff that naturally extend our company values and contribute to the welcoming atmospheres and efficient-running of our homes.

What makes us special?

Southcare Homes Group is a family-run business providing person-centred residential and nursing care across Surrey and Sussex. We recognise the value of every individual within our homes including our dear residents, their family members and our staff. We pride ourselves on living our company values and improving the lives of those living in our homes.

reaching our goals

Southcare Homes is dedicated to provide the best quality of life, care and facilities for our residents. We provide 24-hour care with trained staff in a friendly and homely environment and we understand how important it is for those in our care to have choice and independence.

knowing our staff

"This is what my career in care looks like."

Yours can too. Our staff are what make us great. One relative commented that the care team ‘are the lifeblood of the home’ and we heartily agree. From cook to cleaner, from manager to maintenance team, every member of staff plays a role in the care provided to our residents, engaging with them where possible, respecting their wishes and working with a smile.

hearing your views

We value everyone’s opinion at Southcare Homes. We set up suggestion boxes so we can act upon the requests and suggestions of our residents, recognising that we are simply working in their home. Read all of our reviews at www.carehome.co.uk, the leading care home review website.

Hearing your stories

Tom moved to Grasmere Rest Home in Sutton a couple of years ago. ‘No day is the same here’, says Tom with a smile. ‘We sing, we dance, we take part in different activities, we have our delicious meals’. He really enjoys his life at Southcare. Tom says he is ‘pleased’ because the staff here is always ‘enthusiastic, supportive, and kind’. He thinks of Grasmere Rest Home as his ‘permanent home’ with happy residents and lovely staff. ‘A community, a big family’.  Find out about Tom’s life by reading the full article in last year’s summer edition of our group newsletter, The Southcare Senior.

loving our outings

We encourage our residents to get out and about whenever possible. To see some sights and share some socialisation on a lovely day out with their relatives, fellow residents and other members of the community. Our residents keenly anticipate these trips, giving them a chance to reminisce about the good ol’ days as well the good new days they’re having with us.

living our values

Our values help us make a difference in each one of our residents’ lives. They were selected by our members of staff who were asked to vote on the top five qualities that they thought were paramount to making a difference in the care sector. Find out what they are and how we use them to improve things at Southcare.

Living our values

helping our residents

No matter you’re age, you’re never too old to learn new tricks, new hobbies or have new adventures. We want to give more than just care so we provide advice and guidance on areas that are of interest to our elderly ones and their relatives. Read our blog for more information.

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