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AUTUMN By Jane Flower Lime Tree House Resident

Author Maria Gabriels Date 5th Mar 18



The day are getting shorter

No two days the same

Days of borrowed  sunshine

Days of wind and rain.


We wander to the garden

A place of peace and trees

We bask in Autumn sunshine

Meet our friends

And take our ease.


A rattling sound disturbs us

There’s much expectancy

It is the welcome trolly

With our coffee and our tea.


Old age isn’t easy, we must enjoy our life

We know that we are lucky

Many folks are not.

Some of us have great pain

Some cannot walk, some cannot see

Those who can remember

Live on happy memories.


What joy our children brought us

Pantomines and Christmas, Summer by the sea

Long walks in lovely country, In town so much to see.

We’re proud of their achievements

And what a joy to see, how we’re old and need help

They care for you and me.





January News

Author Maria Gabriels Date 5th Feb 18

News from Southcare Homes Group 

Southcare Homes Group has partnered with Oomph! to provided the new Out & About service, which aims to support people in maintaining access to the places and passions that matter most to them. This exciting service will enhance our activities programme, so that our residents have the opportunity to try new things, as well as become reconnected to old hobbies and interests.

There will be a diverse range of day trips offered, some taking place in premium locations such as museums, music and sport events, botanic gardens and art galleries, as well as outings to markets, pubs and farms.

Not only will this service provide meaningful outings for those in our care, but it will also enable us to make stronger bonds with the local community – from the venues that we partner with and beyond.

We’re really excited to start offering these trips for our residents, and hope that you are too! If you’d like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email or telephone or speak to the one of the activities team in the home to find out about upcoming trips –  would love you to welcome you aboard for one of our excursions!