Person Centred Software, Pic PR and Autumna have collaborated to create a new annual event! #GladtoCare Awareness Week will be from the 6th to 12th July 2020, celebrating the wonderful efforts of those working in the care industry. We’re so glad we could be a part of it! See below to find out why everyone at Southcare Homes is #GladtoCare.

our residents always come first

We love to bring a smile to the faces of those we care for. And more often that not, our dear residents do the same for us as well! Each of elderly ones has been and continues to be so positive and up-building to us, helping all of us to #KeepCalmAndCareOn. Thank you to all our dear residents for their support and their smiles.

our community has been so supportive

We’ve had so many donations from our local communities and cannot thank you enough for volunteering your time and effort. You’ve been there for us every step of the way since the start of the pandemic. We’ve had donations from local schools, local businesses, family members and friends of residents and from our own staff members. From ear protectors to pizzas to laptops – we’re so grateful to everyone that’s shown such a giving spirit.

we're #gladtocare because...

the wonders of technology

Communication is so important to all of us at these times and is vital to our residents’ wellbeing. Our homes have been under lockdown since March but that hasn’t stopped us finding ways to keep our residents in touch with their loved ones. We’ve ensured all our homes have tablets, laptops or Smart TVs so they can enjoy video-calling loved ones, listen to live stream performances, and stay entertained. Our care staff have done a marvellous job in helping residents write letters, send postcards and even let them use their personal devices to video call their family members. The wonders of technology (and how tech-savvy some of our residents are) never ceases to amaze us!


We're proud to be making a difference during the new normal.

#GladtoCare Awareness Week is all about celebrating the incredible work that continues to be done by those in the care industry across the country. Their bravery and efforts in keeping others safe during the pandemic have been so essential. Despite the new challenges, our care staff have found it to be a rewarding experience. If you want to make a difference and find a career to be proud of, get in touch with us. Find your career in care with Southcare Homes.

looking after the southcare family

Every member of the Southcare family, from cleaner, to carer, to maintenance team, to manager have been finding ways to show they care. Whether it’s dancing, dressing up, cutting hair, painting nails, decorating rooms, singing songs, they’re continuing to put a smile on everyone’s face throughout the entire Southcare Homes Group.

The proprietors have been so supportive over the last few months, thanking staff with flowers, cupcakes, pizza deliveries as well as ensuring they have everything they need during the pandemic. The tasty treats have been a real boost to all the staff as well as the residents! Thank you to every member of the Southcare family! 

thank you to the creators of #gladtocare

We would like to express our thanks for those who made this new annual awareness week possible: Person Centred Software, Pic PR and Autumna. Thank you for helping shine the light on the fantastic work that’s being done by carers throughout the country and organising a week to celebrate it!

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